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Joint Director (Training) & Administration

Major duties assigned are:
  • In charge of the administration of the organization which has a strength of 100 faculty with PHD
    • Covers recruitment, training, placement, transfer, policy decisions, annual reporting, monitoring system, project management, general administration, well versed with government rules, FRSR, GFR etc. well trained in World bank procurement procedure,
    • Deals with legal issues, pending cases in various courts including CAT, civil and high courts
    • Legal advises on policy matters etc
    • Advise on bank related issues, finance matters etc
    • Liasoning with various departmental heads in the Ministries
  • In charge of finance division of the Institute with a turn over of more than 70 crores in an year
    • In charge for Investments, reconciliation, general auditing, responsible for the auditing of CAG etc
    • Supervision of annual accounts, annual report and placing the same for Rajaya sabha and loksabha etc
    • Procurement and dissemination of funds from Ministry and dissemination to various regional centers etc
    • Responsible for incurring expenditure as per the plan and non plan budget
    • Also responsible for investment of Government Funds in appropriate banks etc
    • And all other related tasks of account matters of the Institute
  • In charge for all training issues and Government strategies related to women and children for development of women & children
    • Conducting training programmes on issues related to women all over the country
    • Guiding the faculty in organizing training programmes on current issues of importance
    • Supervising training programmes on legislations relating to women
    • Supervising research in the division
    • Documentation related to women
    • Conducting training programmes for various agencies like National commission for women etc
    • Capacity building programmes for Government and Non Government Agencies etc
    • Preparation of modules for various components like beti bachao beti patio
    • Module on one stop centre for women
    • Monitoring visits to various organization as part of outreach programmes on women development related issues etc
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National Children’s Fund, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, New Delhi

Project Director from January 2012.
Responsible for the fund at NCF and coordinates in screening, assessing and granting of fund to NGOs working in area of child welfare and development. The job responsibilities involve;
  • Capacity building of NGOs working for development of women and children
  • Assessment of NGOs seeking financial assistance under National Children Fund
  • In-charge for the entire supervision of activities related to issue of grant under the scheme
  • Supervision and monitoring of NGOs who are granted financial assistance by NCF.
  • Awareness generation on various such funding schemes of Women and Child Development department of Government of India
  • Timely disbursal of grant, mid term assessment and final evaluation etc of NGOs who are granted financial assistance under the scheme.
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Assistant Director, 2005 to 2012 (experience in academic activities like training /consultancy/research in National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD), Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India

  • Formulation of training modules in areas of women empowerment, Gender sensitization, Panchayati Raj, SHG Networking, Capacity building of NGO Functionaries etc.
  • Assessment of State Specific Training Needs in conjunction with various project affiliates; DCs; NGOs; SHGs; Financial Institutions; Line departments and technical support agencies.
  • Identifying appropriate training modules and materials and institutions/individuals who could develop additional modules/materials to fill gaps in these training resources
  • Undertaking training of trainers to further develop the capacities of identified institutions to meet the training needs of the project.
  • Developing partnership with other expert and training agencies to facilitate the implementation of various development programmes.
  • Inventory of existing training programmes resources and material available at the national level.
  • Holding workshops for periodical review of the monitoring/training strategy and its implementation in the project period.
  • Implementing programmes supported by World Bank/ IFAD
  • Quarterly monthly and yearly monitoring of programmes of Government of India
  • Conducting research studies on different Components of Government Initiatives
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development programmes for Women and Children
  • Awareness and advocacy of poverty eradication programmes through networking of NGOS
  • Orientation /Job/ Refresher/Skill Training to Senior Government Officers on:
    1. Qualitative and Quantitative survey
    2. Research Methodology & Social Sciences Research
    3. Project Formulation and Management
    4. Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects
    5. Budgeting and Financial Management
    6. Women Empowerment through networking of Self Help Groups
    7. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)
    8. Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)
    9. Gender Sensitization/ Gender Mainstreaming/Gender in Development
    10. Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005
    11. Laws relating to Women and Children
    12. Juvenile Justice Act 2000
    13. Gender sensitization training for senior government officials working in varied sector as law enforcement, education, agriculture and allied sectors
    14. Training technology courses for various functionaries ranging from social sector to that of Law enforcement agencies
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Training Manager ( IFAD & World Bank Project – SWASHAKTI) 1997 – 2005 (Public Relations)

  • In charge of advocacy and training in nine states of the country wherein the project was implemented
  • Preparation of modules for different types of functionaries
  • Liasoning with National and International Institutions for capacity building of project staff
  • Help the world bank and IFAD on the updation of the project progress through Management Information System (MIS)
  • Organize National Level Meets ( quarterly and Annual)
  • Procurement of Training Material and teaching aids and dissemination
  • Impart training on various components at different intervals for the project functionaries Conducting Research and Evaluation of Project Components
  • Help in Publication and other documentation on the project and its related issues
  • Organizing training in public relations and liasoning with government and non government departments etc.
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Faculty Member - Research Associate ( NIPCCD) – 1988 – 1996

  • Involved in Planning Monitoring and Evaluation of Training of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)
  • Research Studies : Associated with three research projects during this period:
    1. Community participation in ICDS (1993)
    2. Time Management of Anganwadi Workers (1993)
    3. National Evaluation of ICDS ( 1988-89)
  • Training/Teaching experience in areas of :
    • Management
    • Preschool Education
    • Health and Nutrition
    • Women Empowerment
    • Training Technology
    • Community Participation
    • Growth Monitoring
    • Project Proposal and Management
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Community Resource Mobilization
    • Public Relations

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